A letter from a minority to Democrats

Hussain Abdul-Hussain
3 min readNov 14, 2020


Democrats have so far lost 12 seats in the House and are unlikely to win the Senate. President Elect Joe Biden would not have beaten a president as unpopular as Trump had it not been for Biden’s fame for moderation.

Perhaps it is time that the far Left wing of the Democratic Party do some soul searching and revise where they have been trying to drag the party to, because apparently their attempts for radical change are as unpopular in America as Trump’s chaotic presidency and his fascination with “breaking things” or with “big beautiful” things.

As Democrats, let’s be realistic and modest. Let’s seek incremental change, and let’s stop these obnoxious purity tests, or as former President Obama — who swept to victory in two elections — put it: “This idea of purity and you’re never compromised, and you’re always politically woke and all that stuff — you should get over that quickly.”

Below is my personal experience, and an appeal to fellow Democrats:

I’m a life-long Democrat, donor and voter, but please, enough with this minority crap. Many of us “minorities” hate it. When you talk to me, please address me as just another fellow American, or maybe as fellow Democrat because we think alike on economics for example. Just don’t try to give me privileges because of my name, or because you detect an accent in my English, or because you hear me speak Arabic to my children.

Please don’t grant my child — at school, college or future employment — special treatment because we are a minority. By doing so, you ARE singling us out and casting us aside. We want to assimilate, be like everybody else, so don’t call us out.

I immigrated to this country because I got sick of Shia, Sunni, Muslim and Christian each demanding a share in government and representation. I don’t want to relive again this crap of juggling shares between “minorities” and the rest. If we all have equal rights and duties guaranteed by law, then why do we need the minority/majority set up?

Fund the police, and keep training officers and reforming their departments. We need safer hoods for our children. Close the borders and make them open to those who earn it, as dictated by our economic and population age needs. I spent an arm and a leg, and so much time, to legally migrate here and naturalize.

Law and order are great, and that’s why I left my lawless country and came here. Stand with All on the Line to end gerrymandering. We seek fairness in representation for us and for Republicans. And please, let’s get people who know what they are talking about into office, no those sensational agitators who love “revolution” and breaking things. Change is always more durable when it is incremental.

I usually hate to identify myself as a minority, but I find many Americans treating me as such. I hope this would be the last time that I offer my “minority” experience to those Americans, so that we get done with this minority nonsense, once and for all.